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at eleven. tough times for police and fire fighters in san jose. tonight they update the community on staff shortages which affect the crime and fire fighting services people rely on yet another pedestrian killed by a vehicle in san francisco. and tonight police are still trying to find the driver. details next the city of san jose says. the number of police officers on the street is falling -- and falling fast. here's the latest. right now, there are 970 street- ready officers. 905 of them are ready to deploy at any time. according to projections, by june of 2016, the department willhave 879 street- ready officers. but in reality. only about 800 will be available because of disability and military reasons. at this rate -- the number of officers in 2016, could dwindle to two -thirds of the 1400 available in 2008. that's the year budget restraints forced the city to make cuts. tonight, the police and fire departments talked about these projections with people in the willow glen neighborhood. kron-4's philippe djegal was there. sot- erik fong/willow glen neighborhood association will
that the crews are not just searching the water but on land for that aircraft. live at san jose international airport, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >>> the fbi is analyzing the fingerprints of two men who boarded the airliner with stolen passports. thai police said one of the travel agent sis was contacted to book the two tickets for the passengers. the passengers were ticketed to continue on to europe. >>> new details about a babysitter and a five-year-old hit in a san francisco crosswalk at 5:00 this evening at the intersection of 37th avenue and fulton. the car hit the two and injured both of them. rescuers took them to the hospital. the conditions are unknown at this time. the police cited the driver for failure to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. >>> firefighters depend on water to keep us safe. but with calls for conservation, even they are trying to figure out how to save water without sacrificing safety. >> reporter: first off, firefighters will not be cutting back on their water when it comes to putting out fires. but if you visit one of the 33 fire stations in san jose
area counties and finally ended in san jose yesterday. >>> now to the latest on developments for the search for a malaysia airlines 777. it's missing. scientists have tested oil found in the south china sea. it did not come from that missing jet. it is the latest clue that hasn't panned out, as crews expand their search for a plane carrying 239 people. as nbc's keir simmons shows us, the wait for answers excruciating for families. >> reporter: relatives awaiting news of loved ones who have simply disappeared. even a life raft on closer inspection turns out not to be connected. an oil slick spotted off the coast of vietnam, they've taken a closer test of that, that is not connected either. it is a tent here. journalists are crowded into a room for officials to say that they are still mystified as to what happened. >> our aim to find is intensified. that is very important. we are unable to determine the cause of this incident. that is very, very important that we find the aircraft. >> meanwhile, off the coast, a coalition of nations. aircraft from around the world, including fr
him wasn't easy, plus the mayor's race in san jose is heating up. we'll show you the candidates who want to lead the state's third largest city and the oakland a's may find a home in the south bay, but it's definitely smaller than the coliseum, much smaller. more on the deal that's under consideration. >> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. diane dwyer is off tonight. our top story this evening, a dramatic evening to a man hunt for a gunman who shot a san francisco police officer. it started with a high-speed chase through the streets from east bay all the way down to san jose. it ended with an arrest. also tonight we're hearing exactly what happened in the moments after the shooting. nbc bay area's kimberly terry has been with the story since the beginning and joins us live from san francisco general hospital where we're pleased to say the overs is recovering tonight. >> that's exactly right, terry. that officer underwent a lengthy vascular surgery yesterday that lasted for hours. we're being told that the chief was here earlier this morning to check on that officer, and there are r
:00, this is a picture from san jose of a body found downtown with the impact on early morning commuters. >> after a late night morning a bay area city is a step closer to giving workers the highest minimum wage in all of california. how much workers there could make and what still has to happen. >> chaos in malaysia as family members of the passengers aboard malaysia airlines flight 370 express growing frustration at the investigation. and the lack of results. >> a busy morning. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> first up a check on the forecast as we hours away from spring. live doppler 7 hd is not seeing any clouds or any moisture. we will break it down, our day planner shows 48 degrees, cooler around the bay this morning under clear sky, and we are at 64 by noon and hang out in the upper 60's to low 70's with a few high clouds late. we will be around 64 at 7:00. a delightful evening inland and upper 30's to low 40's and quickly we get to the upper set by noon and mostly sunny and home 70's around 4:00 and a pleasant 69 and lack of clouds at the coast with upper 30's to low 40's and mid-to-upper 60's t
relatives are demanding from the authority. plus, are the oakland a's planning a move to san jose. the deal that may let them move no a new home, a very, very small new home here in the south bay. >> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. diane dwyer hats evening off. our top story tonight, a dramatic ending to a manhunt for a gunman who shot a san francisco police officer that started with a high-speed chase through the east bay and all the way down to san jose. it ended with an arrest. also tonight we're hearing exactly what happened in the moments after that shooting. nbc bay area's kimberly terry has been with the story since the beginning and she joins us live from san francisco general hospital where the officer is recovering. kimberly. >> reporter: that's terry, that overs underwent several hours of vascular surgery yesterday, and police say he's now recovering here at san francisco general but is expected to be okay after being shot in the left shoulder area while making a traffic stop in the mission yesterday. >> officer shot. >> reporter: that is the emergency call made seconds after
related shooting in san jose. he faces attempted murder charges. deputies say he shot at a man standing in the driveway of a home on east hills drive sunday night. that's a few blocks south of james lick high school. the victim was shot in the leg. >>> another pedestrian accident in san francisco and it is another child. it happened just after 6:00 this evening at the intersection of ocean. the victim is going to be okay and police did arrest the driver for failing to yield. this is the sixth person hit by a car in san francisco just this week. >>> a craigslist transaction that went horribly wrong. a south bay woman says she was kidnapped while answering an ad on craigs list. it happened on monday in san jose. the woman says she agreed to meet a craigslist seller at the store to buy some iphones. once there, two men pulled out a gun, kidnapped here and took her to the bank to withdraw cash. >> how scary was it? >> very scary. what do you feel when someone point a gun at your head. >> after failing to get money, the two men took her back to the target store and demanded he call someone t
california compared to the rate which is $8 an hour and san francisco pays $10.74 an hour and san jose at $10.february. originally the mayor of richmond was to put this to public vote on a ballot but she changed her mind. >> it is clear we want a minimum wage increase why not have it come into effect sooner rather than later? request not -- why wait until november? >> this is phased in. there is opposition, vote was 6- 1. one member voted against it not that he doesn't support the idea but he was not happy the city council decided to rush into it and not do further study and wait. some business owners are nervous. including the c.e.o. of galaxy dessert says with this minimum wage he is not sure he that affects his business but it will keep him from expanding. a second reading on this notion is scheduled next month. when it takes effect, 30 days after it passes. no exact time dated just yet. >> someone in the bay area is weighing up a millionaire after matching five of the six numbers last night in mega millions. it was sold at huntington liquor in san bruno getting all but the mega number and
the exceptional level of droughts in palo alto, south san francisco and san jose. san jose, 4.76 inch rainfall of rain since july 1st. that puts us eight inches behind. coming up the possibilities of rain coming up next week. >>> on the face of it it seems like a bad idea, draining one of the bay area's largest reservoirs. but there is a good reason. and that reason is to prevent what could be a catastrophe in the event of an earthquake. monte frances is live near anderson dam in morgan hill. but we are in the middle of a drought. >> reporter: that's right. but anderson dam is not seismically safe and if there is a strong earthquake and the dam breaks, within minutes a huge wall of water would cover morgan hill where i'm standing and other parts of silicon valley. when it is full, anderson reservoir holds more water than all the other reservoirs combined. 29 billion gallons. and holding all that water back is the aging anderson dam which is in need of repairs. >> i know we need it. we need it because of safety issues. and if we -- when we have the big earthquake, we want the dam to hold. >> re
san jose dispatching center. it caused the computer system to fail forcing the agency to halt all trains. it took an hour to get the system back online. >> we eventually when we got service up and running again, had to go to an all local service schedule just so we could get people on and off the trains because we were so backed up. >> caltrain was unable to switch to a backup generator during the outage because a battery failed. that generator is running now and will run throughout the day just in case there's another outage. >>> some developing news down in san jose. the search for suspects continues now in the city's 10th homicide of the year and as kiet do reports, the victim a man was found stabbed to death near the vta tracks in downtown. >> reporter: quite a scene here in downtown san jose as san jose police investigates their second homicide of the week. this began just around 3 a.m. this morning when a passerby spotted a man laying on the ground called 911, paramedics found the man to be unresponsive and then declared him dead on the scene shortly thereafter. there was a
a problem in san jose and i will get you the drive time traffic in a second. light rail is not operating between japantown and convention center. this is in san jose due to police activity. keep that in mind. because lines are affected and are going to be recruited. 580 tracy to dublin is showing traffic building and as you leave 205 over the amount pass it will take you 29 minutes and highway 4 antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound through the north bay is 17 minutes. in san jose we check out 101 and the drive is smooth as you leave the nimitz approaching the san jose airport it is move along fine with no construction, no accidents to report. eric and kristen? >> a lot of emotion at san jose city council meeting all over the domed theaters and whether they should be protected as historic landmarks after the owners shut them down. matt? >> as you said the owners of the senator try theaters this san jose on winchester are planning on shutting these down but a group wants to save them from demolition. the meet was emotional because they want the theaters designated as landmar
look at northbound 280 in san jose it's okay. at 4:30 let's go back to et desk. >>> we begin this morning with breaking news in the south bay. crews are battling a house fire in san jose where two people we understand were burned. ktvu janine de la vega is live at the scene with what is happening right now. janine. >> reporter: we are in east san jose. they have knocked down this fire. it is in this back of this house. we do know that two people were inside the house and they suffered bad burns. to get more information on what is happening right now and how this all started, we go to captain reggie williams with the san jose fire department. when you got here the flames were really raging. >> yeah what we have is an exterior fire. firefighters had a difficult time accessing the structure. if you look at the building it had security bars throughout. we had to use our rescue bars to remove the people. we did have two residents that were badly burned and take tonight local burn center. we have knocked down the fire. we have searched the property. there is no one else inside the
>> reporter: in january, the reservoir south of san jose was so shallow you could see a car stuck in the floor and after the rain, water covered the car but it won't stay this full for long, which is why last month the santa clara water district board asked users to cut use by 20%. it's up to san jose water companies to make sure it's 1 million customers conserve. >> we're regulated by the public utilities commission and we're filing an application to enact rules that would allow us to get to the 20% target. >> reporter: if approved, san jose water would ask customers to repair leaks within five days, stop washing downside walks and patios, only water on assigned days based on your address and stop watering during the day. the reason san jose water companies are asking not to water the lawn so much is half of all water used by a household goes to landscaping. san jose water company says it's only requesting conservation, meaning no fines. sarah and her family already only water at night. >> i think anything that you can do would definitely be helpful. i'm not sure without the fine
to do something. >> like many crimes, robberies are on the rise in san jose. robberies jumped to 1,907 in 2013, compared to 1,208 the year before. police say they are doing all they can but admit they are swamped. i'm on this police scanner a lot only to find out that a lot of these robberies involve guns. this victim has advice for people shopping on craigslist. never show up alone to a rendezvous location. always show up with somebody. lock your door if you don't really know the person who is coming to meet you at that time and never go when it's dark. not sure if she will be shopping on craigslist anymore. she's also afraid for her safety because she says the criminals took her driver's license and also her registration for her car, so she says they know where she lives. we're live in san jose, damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> the fight against one of the toughest gun laws in the country takes another hit. today supreme court justice anthony kennedy denied an emergency request from the nra to block sunnyvale's new ordinance t.bans all large-capacity magazines. this made na
something happens. same thing that happened to her. we're live in san jose, i'm d e damian trujillo. >>> the developing story in san francisco, pain-staking process. on your right is a look from the nbc chopper showing crews busy tonight demolishing the shelled, burned out building, you can see there. part of the building just caved in. it's been more than 24 hours since the flames started to rage at the construction site near at&t park. neighbors are still rattled as you might imagine. we have team coverage for you and begin with cheryl hurd and one thing we see is parts of the building coming down, cheryl. >> reporter: parts of the building. we've been waiting all day for what looks like a tower to come down and some of it just started coming down piece by piece. you can see the crane just kind of tugging at it right now if we can go overhead, you can see the chopper shot. a bird's eye view of the demolition, construction crews started tearing down the front end of the building to create a safety zone. now they are on the other side continuing to tear that building down. they want
bay. that's been the trend of the day. south san jose going over 2 inches of rain. san ramon approaching an inch and a half. for san jose, going just under an inch of rain at the airport today, that boosted the rainfall totals for the seasonal rainfall by 28% in a single day. that gives you an idea how dry it's been in san jose that just an inch of rain can do that. also good news, a slight uptick at the san luis reservoir going up to about 33% historical average. and in the sierra, the numbers improving somewhat. the snow pack at 33% of average. if you look at the two lines at the bottom of the screen, running below that 1976-1977 average. so we need plenty of ground to make up. hopefully this trend can continue through the next few weeks. more on the forecast coming up. now back to you. >> very good information, rob. thank you. it's a dangerous mix, this commute combined with the slick roads. >> george kiriyama continues our coverage tonight from campbell. >> reporter: good evening. the rain has come down in spurts. we've seen wet roads. we've felt the wind and even hit som
police say the driver was doing before that accident. also -- >> a san jose police officer is accused of rape and now, some women say they are afraid to call police for help. coming up, i'll take a closer look at the impact the allegations are having on the community. >> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. another warm day. winter completely gone across the bay. hitting 82, napa also 79. we'll talk more about hotter weather for the weekend coming up. >> then at 6:00, silicon valley joins the search for a missing malaysian plane. >> we have been actively passing our satellites for the search. >> why she thinks she has the right technology for the job. >> you can see things inside of cars, ships. >>> san francisco police say they were making and selling large quantities of explosives. investigators say they came on to their radar after an incident and then tracked down the two after -- police say they found enough explosives to level a neighborhood. >>> new details about the evidence against a san jose police officer accused of rape. also that it's having a chilling effect on other po
in will customers check out? san jose is one step closer to moving the homeless into hotels and motels. >> jean ellie is live with more. it is a controversial proposal. >> reporter: it is. most anything that involves the homeless usually is. city leaders say there are 5,000 people living on the streets here in san jose. at city hall there is support for a plan to move some of them into motel rooms. but that support comes with a long list of concerns. >> looks very similar to a slum in india. >> reporter: charles preston is talking about a homeless camp in san jose. he treats people living in the jung well the valley homeless health care program. he said there are people living there with housing vouchers but can't or won't find a place to live. >> you don't want to represent yourself in the best possible way when you can't have pride in who you are. >> reporter: the city council will look at moving homeless people with subsidies into hotels and motels. >> the idea is to bring in a party to provide the case management and the services that are needed to ensure a path way to success. >> reporter:
>>> two big arrests in san jose. why the fbi says this is so significant for a year's long operation against gang violence in the south bay. >>> caltrain slowly recovering from major delays this morning. what the agency spokeswoman says caused the system wide problem. >>> plus -- learning to co- exist with coyotes in the city. >> wildlife landscape in san francisco is changing. i mean, coyotes were extinct here for a long time and they are coming back. >> the training program underway to help park officials deal with the interactions of wild animals. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the fbi says a major violent gang in the south bay is now dismantled after two arrests this morning. janine de la vega joins us live with the details of the arrest and why they are so significant. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the fbi says at 6:00 a.m., a task force made up of its agents as well as local law enforcement agencies arrested two gang members from the sir san koes pride gang which is a subset of the serrano gang. they say this is significant because
>> san jose is fighting for a piece of its history all in an effort to save at least one of those iconic domed theaters. a new construction plan adds another hurdle to the battle. >> the hunt for possible debris from a missing malaysian airliner continues in the rough seas of the southern indian ocean. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> score!! >>> your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. >>> and good morning, everyone. friday, march 21. first day of spring. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle griego has the morning off. it is 6:00. >>> we have breaking news. we just got off the phone with the san jose fire department. there is a big fire burning right now at a church. the church of god is at minnesota and curtis avenue in willow glen neighborhood. that fire started after 4:30 this morning. we are getting word minnesota avenue is closed. >>> and another check of your "kcbs traffic." i want to take you right out to the bay bridge. there's s
.92 inches in san jose. anthony, we saw a lot of the creeks and rivers rise. you're at the guadeloupe and it looks like it's roaring behind you. >> reporter: in fact, this river got up to 12 feet today, which is just about three feet shy of the action flood stage. you can see the concrete is covered in mud because at one point this morning, the water actually rose to right where that concrete is. there's a sign that says this was flooded earlier. so while we entered into a dry period earlier today, now we are starting to see that next round of rain push back into the picture that's why i'm out here tonight is to prepare folks for what is coming. even though things are not as pad as they were yesterday and the day before, now what we're looking at is because the ground is so saturated, those flooding concerns really are heightened. along with those strong winds, the potential for downed frees and power lines exists overnight. we'll be out here tracking all evening. back to you in the studio. jeff? >> okay, anthony, i'll take it from here. let's bring in kimberly terry now. >> reporter:
by police at this gas station in san jose. greg sir says the suspect had bullets in his pocket, but no guns. it could be difficult to determine if officer shaw was shot by the suspect or another officer. >> so, we have not eliminated the possibility that this was friendly fire. but it just to be perfectly clear, we may never know deftively what the case, what the exact case was without finding that round and being able to trace it back to a firearm. >> right now, 1777. >> officer shaw was the one who called for his own ambulance after being shot in the mission district on saturday. police say his partner fired his weapon several times when the car they stopped started backing up towards them. >> we don't have a person that saw the suspect with a firearm. we have a woman who said she heard shots coming from the vehicle and many that heard shots, but we don't have anybody that saw the suspect with a weapon or anybody else with a weapon. >> the suspect managed to get away and ditched his car in daley city, but sunday morning, a tip led police to the east bay and ultimately, a chase through fou
and into san jose where finally the car was stopped. ed in was a 50-year-old man from san francisco, arrested on suspicion of shooting an officer in the shoulder during a traffic stop in the mission yesterday. two woman in the car were detained but later released. the 28-year-old police officer is recovering at the hospital. >>> people in the east bay should be on the lookout for an imposter dressed up as an east bay mud employee. a truck and a work badge and hard-hat and safety vest were stolenful the truck was spotted last night and now the police are warning people of imposters trying to gain access to their homessism the big b.a.r.t extension could be finished sooner than expected. don knapp has a surprising progress report. >> reporter: hope for trafic relief is closer for san jose. a year closer than projections and desperately needed. >> it will be a critical, critical mobility option for an extremely congested corridor from the southbound. and a major regional rail connection for the b.a.r.t system. >> reporter: making it easier for companies to get workers and easier for workers to
in san jose, firefighters never found the cause of that fire. bre did say it's assessing the situation, including the fire's cause. the company carries comprehensive insurance that should pay for all losses connected to the fire. suffolk construction did not respond to our e-mail. jess? >> thank you very much, tony. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area news. we'll have continuing coverage of this building fire, including online at we have a slide show there, the best pictures of that fire. >>> just ahead, his job is to serve and protect, but a hotel maid says a south bay police officer sexually attacked her. tonight, we go to the officer's home for answers. >>> many accused his nfl teammates of bullying him. now jonathan martin is coming back to the bay area. the deal that turned him in to a 49er. >>> and the president making an unconventional pitch for obamacare. back in a moment. >>> i want to show you right now what that apartment building in san francisco at least what's left it looks like in the dark. this is a live picture from our chopper. you can see some red
is evidence of one robbery in a string of hold ups in san jose. ktvu's robert handa joins us live with the arrest police have made so far. >> reporter: san jose police arrested two men in these robberies but here at headquarters it is still an ongoing investigation, searching searching for more suspects, witnesses and victims. they held up 20 markets. a surveillance camera caught one man shooting into the air before taking the cash. they saw pattern to the crimes and staked out several stores. two men showed up, saw police and fled. one man was caught, the other chased down by officers. >> there are civilians where on top of the clerks being victimized. it could have been your folks, my folks going to the store. >> reporter: police arrested angel rodriguez-leon a san jose resident who tossed away a hand gun during the chase and they arrested jesus beltran another san jose resident. both are held in jail facing armed robbery and investigators say they believe more charges will be added. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the killings of six women are now being
can get breaking news alerts any time by following us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >>> san jose police are investigating the nine the homicide in a quiet neighborhood, and asking whether man found in a home is related to something else they found inside. our news reporter is at the scene. matt? >> i was told that homicide detectives are still at the seen collecting evidence more than 13 hours after this was first reported. only thing they don't have now is a suspect. >> this quiet neighborhood near coyote creek in south san jose was filled with believes last night after a person called 9-1-1 to report a man injured and undiscussion at a home. >> he suffered from at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced deceased at seen. he was in his 20's. it is not called a "grow" house but there were marijuana plants inside. they would not say if they believe that is a nottive. >> a neighborhood found police tape on her mailbox. >> cops came economy and we don't know what is going on. [ inaudible ] >> a lot of the homes in the area are owned by retirees who are around on day watching the neighbo
. >> the troubled san jose police department has more trouble short staffed, they could see the ranks thin more in the come ing weeks and months. >> san jose residents are worried about safety. more so now that police predict a sharp decrease in officers on the streets. >> we go from 904 today to 809 by june of 2016 an alarming reality for a neighbor. >> in three month period of time our small treat had 50 percent of our houses burglarized. >> the mayor isn't buying the numbers. his goal is to have more officers on the streets by 2016. he says the city is aggressively recruiting officers. >> we give them 10 percent pay increase, 4 percent this year and another raise next year. april 8 we will improve the benefits for officers who are hurt on the the job. we are staking temperatures to improve the reten. >> had are challenges. that includes skyrocketing retirement costs. >>> oakland is using solve media as a recruiting tool, a 60' banner on the side of downtown headquarters points recruits to twitter, web, facebook and would be officers with starting salary at $70,000 but with overtime it could
that san jose's fire department is wasting valuable time, not getting to emergencies fast enough. it's violating a county contract. and our reporter has uncovered revealing internal documents showing the times may be even worse than san jose has reported. >> 19th street for a 43-year-old male with abdominal pain. >> they should be very concerned about the service they're getting and what they're being told. >> reporter: from insider sources to revealing e-mails. this isn't just a story about the san jose fire department failing to meet response times, it's about a much bigger problem. you see, these aren't the real numbers. no, those are much worse. >> my life depends on them. >> reporter: john and shunda live in san jose. she has type one diabetes and a frequent need to call 911. >> it was scary waiting for the, you know, when you call and they don't show up like you think they're going to. >> reporter: it's one of nine fire departments that has a contract with santa clara county to porespond to 90% of calls in less than eight minutes. in return, they get about $2.1 million in fundi
degrees in san jose. about 75 in redwood city. even 70 degrees and sunny and bright in san francisco. how long will that last? we'll talk about that coming up. first let's check the roads with elizabeth. >>> we have not seen any major incidents and we're at 5:00 so most of the overnight roadwork should be picked up now, by now. this is the deadline usually for caltrans to clear it and re- open all lanes. the commute begins to get under wayne. but if you want to use mass transit so far everything looks good for bart, ferries, caltrain and ace train number one. . everything is clear now and including on the san mateo bridge all of your bridges, no weather advisories, no wind advisories to slow you down and everything is nice and quiet between hayward and the peninsula. your other east bay drive times still also traffic pretty much still moving at the speed limit as you can see no slowdowns on any of your major drive times. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. >>> an east bay city could soon have the highest minimum wage in california. kpix
to the bay area. here's a live look at san jose and san francisco right now, and it was mostly dry today really. the next spring storm though is expected to bring colder temperatures. >> some bay area cities may see up to an inch of rain. meteorologist anthony slaughter here now with more on how bad the storm may get. >> some cities may pick up to even two inches of rain with the next system on top what have we already see. let's start you off with what we're expecting tomorrow. we do have a slight risk for severe weather, kind of like what we saw yesterday across portions of the central valley. this storm system moves through and will hug the coastline. we won't see wide sweat severe activity. most will stay across the bay area. we're in a bullseye as we head to the next 24 to 36 hours. expect winds to gust tomorrow during the day. up to 40 to 60 miles per hour. could see a little bit of lightning and hail and the potential for funnel clouds like we saw just yesterday across portions of chico. right now isolated showers over towards morgan hill, and these where we'll be in the overnight
. firefighters evacuated the dmv in south san jose today after a driver waiting in line to take a driving test crashed into the building. she ruptured a gas line. also hit a motorcyclist in line in front of her. he took it all in stride, though. >> well, i stood in line for a driving test, and a person behind me was a little too eager and ran me over. next thing you know, i was up in the air. >> he seems to be taking it in stride. he said he's fine. as for the woman, she was taken to a nearby hospital. firefighters cleared the scene about 30 minutes later. >>> we have new details regarding one of the biggest homeless camps in the country. it's right in our own backyard. the dumpsters have arrived. almost 200 homeless people in san jose are getting ready to clean up the jungle. that's what they call it. they're expected to be helped by many volunteers. but today, the city is telling those volunteers to simply stay away. nbc bay area's david at the camp with the latest. damien? >> reporter: this is one of the giant dumpsters that the volunteers will be using to collect all the refuse from the ju
uno de los jugadores estelares de los "49ers" en san jose, se trata de " chris culliver" , quien ocasiono hoy un serio incidente ante el asombro de los residentes. --angel ayllon nos tiene los pormenores de esta historia... angel cesar buenas noches... --" chris culliver" atropello a un ciclista, se dio a la fuga y ademas intento golpear a otro ciudadano con un arma ilegal. --el reconocido deportista ocasiono un verdadero caos al este de san jose. --estos son los detalles... ;01 1;01 1;09 --arrollado por el defensivo de los 49ers. pero no fue en el campo de juego sino en las calles tully y septima de san jose y la victima no fue otro jugador, sino un ciclista... atropellado por chris culliver. --inesperadamente la figura de los niners huyo de la escena sin importarle las lesiones que le ocasiono al ciclista. --segun el reporte de la policia, culliver hizo la peor jugada de su vida, pues en la fuga, un auto que vio lo sucedido lo siguio y lo intercepto para que no escapara mientras llegaba la policia. --como enloquecido, el jugador saco de su auto una manopla e intento agredir al
. they don't expect the tech push back they are experiencing because not a lot of people living in san jose. >> more than enough infrastructure to handle the traffic in and out and development. you'll know where the heart of silicon valley is in the not too distant future. >> reporter: now again, it took the developer only six months to get the permits for planning for this facility, which the city says is a normal amount of time for a development of this magnitude. the mayor says this is the city moving at the speed of business. it's not a done deal. there is an appeal process and already the city got a complaint from a nearby businesses where the neighbors say that the development plan doesn't have enough traffic mitigation involved in it. the auto bond society registering a concern over burroing owls. they will have to wait and see. kris sanchez. >> we'll wait and see who that mystery tenant is. >>> following developing news on the deadly shooting of a sheriff's deputy. the hunt for the killer is over this evening. that man is also dead. this is happening in fort bragg near the oregon bo
>>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >>> flames at a san jose nightclub and where firefighters will return to the scene today. >>> a van goes off the road sending the driver plunging into the water. how the driver is doing and the early morning of the to get the van out of water. >> australia updates us on the continuing seven effort for the possible debris from malaysia airlines flight 370. >>> good friday morning, everyone. it is the first friday of spring. thanks for join us. we will check with mike nicco. >> it will feel more like it should compared to the warm weather yesterday. the visibility now is up to two miles visibility and santa rosa is half a mile. everyone else is okay there we have clouds cross the coast and over bay. by noon the bay will be partly sunny and 59. cloudy this afternoon and 63. 57 as you head out this evening. inland, the fog is to the north. the clouds are trying to creep into the east bay valley and we have let clouds and fog turn interest high clouds and fog at noon. at 7:00, 61. at the coast, clouds for the better part of
. >>> a pursuit through four bay area counties ended in san jose with an arrest in the shooting of a san francisco police officer. meanwhile, 28-year-old officer adam show is recovering from his wounds. the highway patrol joined in the search late saturday night trying to stop the suspect's car in richmond. that car sped away leading officers on a high-speed chase through alameda, contra costa and solano counties. a spike strip stopped the car in san jose. the driver was 50-year-old jeffrey rolano of san francisco. he was arrested on suspicion of shooting officer shaw in the shoulder two women in the car were detained and later released. >>> an imposer has been -- a water maintenance truck was stolen on thursday. it contained an official work badge, hard hot. it was spotted near redwood christian church. they might knock on your door to notify people of temporary water outages. >>> a state law makers introduces a bill for new protections for california's electrical grid. the bill by senator jerry hill of san mateo would require utility companies to develop detailed security plans. the push follows
get bacon in your burger. moooiiink. . >>> live in downtown san jose, we have new information that will how you about how this person died. >>> live in pacifica where a s.w.a.t. team member is stabbed after a 6 hour long standoff. >>> and what police say the suspect did with a car moments before the gun fight. >>> and the oakland city council late night decision low- income families are cheering, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, we want to take you back live to downtown san jose and you can see quite a big scene with police cars blocking off the area and this is east and st. john street where a man was killed early this morning. coming up, the new details about how the person died and new information am about the commute in that area. it is wednesday march 19th. steve, pam whop dash would like a nice day. they are looking for 70 degrees on the high side and today should be no problem. a little cooler, 50s and 60s at noon, mainly lower 70s and a few afternoon highs,
into san jose. 70 in fairfield and 66 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather in a few minutes. >>> right now check out the roads with elizabeth. >> even with a little bit of drizzle outside sometimes we see a number of different accidents happen, more spin outs on the on and off-ramps. this is the kind of morning you want to take in a little extra time. a few raindrops on the camera lens. so far no delayed out of oakland into san francisco. right now they should be picking up the cones, reopening those left lanes that had been closed overnight due to roadwork. this is traffic towards the richmond san rafael bridge. back to you. >>> 5:00 now. developing news out of asia. the families of some of those people missing on the malaysia flight continue to seek answers. so far even the world's best aviation experts simply can't find the plane. kpix 5's reporter kiko guerin with the latest on the search. >> reporter: frustration is mounting as hundreds of families look for answers. the questions are continuing to add up and right now crews are focusing on the waters off vietnam with mi
in san jose. vta service in downtown has been disrupted after a man was found dead near the tracks. >> reporter: this happened around 3:00 this morning. so details not too much at this hour. the taillights to the right of that is where the man's body was found. somebody called 911 around 3 a.m. saying the man was unconscious. they got here, they worked on him a little bit and then he died here at the scene. he was not on the tracks. and so that disrupted vta service for just a little bit but vta service has since been restored. the trains are running at this hour. the man suffered from at least one stab wound and there are no suspects in custody right now. the homicide team is here investigating. we're expecting an update from the public information officer this morning. >>> as kiet just mentioned, vta light rail is now back up and running through city streets in downtown san jose. they are just running through that st. james station so basically the st. james station not operating right now. there's also a number of streets blocked due to the police activity around second and east
before the pursuit ended at 33rd in san jose. the chp took part in the chase when the officers finally were able to stop the car, they found three peopled in, two woman and a man. the women were detained for awhile and later released pending further investigation. the man was arrested on several felony charges. >> he was identified as jeffrey reanou. he faces several charges, assault with a deadly weapon. driving in excess of 100 miles an hour and evading police officers. >> the police say he has sef ral outstanding warrants, he is 50 years old and lives in san francisco. >>> we are learning more about the critical moments getting the officer help. neighbors tells mark kelly the part of the area of the shooting is generally safe but gang activity does exist. >> reporter: nothing but sunday drivers and people out for a stroll. this is typically quiet and lush in spots. but, side afternoon, brood daylight, this little street turned upside down. >> right now, 37, 47, i have been hit. >> reporter: crime tape sectioned off where a police officer had been shot in the arm following a traffi
ruano being arrested early sunday morning at a san jose gas station. this came nine hours after adam shaw and his partner pulled ruano over. police say during that traffic stop, ruano started backing up toward the officers. that is when officer shaw's partner fired a shot at the car. that bullet has not been recovered and it may be the one that hit officer shaw. both officers say they did not see a gun. >> based on that, it appears that it's possible he may have been struck by friendly fire. >> officer shaw was hit in the shoulder. he is recovering in the hospital. >>> also happening today a meet willing be held for parents at an oakland school where a seven- year-old student was accused of being sexually assaulted. police are also in facing whether a similar attack back in january could be connected. some parents say they are concerned the schools don't have enough security. >> he identified himself to the students as somebody who tutored. he asked one of the girls to sit on his lap. she did. >> now the meeting for parents will be held at 5:00 tonight at world academy. the school is
caused a mess at the dmv office in san jose. a woman was waiting to take a test when she hit the wrong pedal. ktvu's robert handa is live and spoke with a motorcyclist who was hit. >> reporter: he was one of many people who were upset and disappointed they couldn't conduct their business here and didn't help when they found out why. >> the dmv office shut down today after a car crashed into the building and caused a gas leak. we saw people redirected to other offices. most said they could still smell the gas. >> have to come back on monday. you drive all the way, you know, and you have to go back. but safer to be away. >> the accident happened as they lined up to take the drivers test. a woman in this car accelerated and knocked down a motorcycle rider. >> line starts moving. i fire up my bike and i am hit from behind. >> the car smashed a gas meter. the fire department evacuated the building and several others nearby. there were no reported injuries injuries and pg&e capped the leak half hour later. the driver told me she was nervous about the test because it was her third attempt
? >>> a big real estate transaction taking place in the south bay. >>> in san jose, city hall moves forward with a biggest developments in silicon valley history. the only thing bigger is the mystery as to which company will be moving in. >>> a birthing trend ahead pop hard by celebrity moms gets a stern warning from doctors this morning. >>> a look outside our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the accweather forecast >>> the big buzz in shows is which technology company is going to move into an office park that is twice the size of facebook's menlo park campus? a monster complex near san jose international airport with room for up to 10,000 employees approved by city officials. matt keller joins with more on the big secret. matt? >>> city hall is celebrating this as a big win for san jose. thousands of jobs and potential for millions in tax revenues. the question now: who is moving in? >> this is a field of dreams groomed by the city of san jose for about a decade. now the owner of the 31 acres at 101 is ready to play ball. developers is an administration rubber stamp away from the site devel
investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire in san jose early this morning at the eldorado restaurant. firefighters say it started inside in a back office area of the restaurant just before 2:00 this morning. they were able to contain the fire within just about 20 minutes and there were until injuries -- there were no injuries. >>> a memorial service is being held to mark one of the worst days in the history of the oakland police department. on march 21st, 2009 a wanted parolee shot four oakland police officers. three sergeants died that day. officer john hage passed away a month later. >>> police in san francisco are investigating a shooting near a school. that is right near city college. officers found many shell casings on the ground. they feared the gunman had to run on to the campus but they could not find him. they also searched the area around a nearby whole food store but nothing turned up there. the victim was wounded in the ankle and is expected to survive. >>> a brush fire in pittsburgh came dangerously close to power lines. at 3:15 yesterday afternoon, firefighters receive
. it is located behind san jose's happy hollow zoo. damian trujillo joins us and why local business members say the jungle doesn't need to be cleaned but closed. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this is one of the two large dumpsters at the residence of the jungle we'll use to collect all that trash over the weekend. let me give you a quick peak at what jungle looks like at 6:00 on a friday afternoon, but as there is excitement down there over tomorrow's cleanup, there is growing concern at city hall. spring cleaning is in full bloom inside the jungle. the goal is simple. you want it to look clean. >> yes, this is our home where we live. just -- like in the front lines, you know, people do from above, we want them to know that we're not dirty and lazy people. we're not. we're just having our problems. >> we'll be here all day saturday and sunday. >> reporter: the care program, a homeless out reach had dumpstered donated so volunteers can clean up the jungle on their own over the weekend but city officials are warning volunteers to stay away. >> in any camping environment, there are health co
, and they failed to respond. >> reporter: san jose police say they did not respond to the alarm per department policy under the verified response policy, officers will only show up if there is visual or audible evidence of a break in or a witness indicating suspects are still on the scene. >> when i'm at home in bed with my family, you know, i expect the police to help protect the business in our community that helps raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> reporter: the department says an overwhelming majority of alarm calls are false alarms, wasting valuable police time. >> that's what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: councilman whose running for major puyor pulled this ad urging voters to attend tuesday's counsel meeting where they will debate a referendum allocating much of the money to police. >> more police on patrol, technology, equipment, whatever the police chief would deem is necessary to fight crime in san jose. >> i just need one cop to respond. >> reporter: a sentiment being shared but may not be realistic under the current policy. police have not arrested a suspect in this ca
. 42 in santa rosa. 44 san jose and 49 in san francisco. and 50 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon plenty of sunshine and that will warm us up into the 70s again. 72 in san jose. 71 in oakland about 68 degrees in san francisco. and 64 in pacifica. let's check on those roads now with elizabeth. >>> thank you lawrence. and we have this one accident still as you come into the dublin interchange. westbound 580 on the connector to northbound 680. a lane is blocked because of that accident. right now the main lines of the freeway on westbound 580 though still look good from the altamonte. in fact look at that drive time. 15 minutes still clear and beginning to see the delays coming over tracy though. just a heads-up and reminder the commute is definitely underway. at 5:00 this morning as you can see everything is good right now into and out of san francisco on 101 and 280. well, we'll have another report coming up. in the meantime back to you guys. >>> out of the south bay at this hour, gruesome discovery at the scene of a reported fire. kpix 5's reporter kiet do and live on the scene at
.a.'s official, nbc bay area news. >>> big development. thank you, george. >>> also in san jose, the city needs help fighting its rising crime rate. today the mayor made a key proposal. chuck reed wants to restore a dedicated burglary unit within the city's police department. but the plan could face steep opposition, especially from the police itself. kimberly tere joins us in san jose and why the opposition from the pd? >> reporter: the residents we talked to said they need more police, period. the previous burglary unit was comprised of several police officers, sworn detectives, and it was dismantled in 2012 because of budget cuts. they would use cheaper, including retired police and community service officers. they would take the nashl report, but the actual investigation would still need to be done by police. >> there's other priorities as well. but i think in the short term, it would bring this unit and restore the unit. we would see the decrease of burglaries. >> citizens want a police officer to respond to their home. it takes a police officer to investigate these type of crimes. gimmick
and be relocated to another reapization facility. >> a bus pulls up to the treatment services in san jose today to transport some clients to another rehab center. employees say those client were suddenly forced to move after the state shut down the drug and alcohol rehab facility today. >> i'm an employee here and the state of california was here and i served some notices that as of the 28th we've been shut down. >> reporter: live choices is a 28-bed facility open for 13 year. according to state records the facility's license expired on february 28th of this year. employees say the center was nearly full. today a relocation team helped clients move to another treatment center in san jose. neighbor tom burdell says he was never comfortable with the center being located near a school. >> if a state did it, must be something serious. >> reporter: while some employees told us the state cited the facility for 100 violations they only released a statement saying the facility no longer holds a valid license to operate a treatment facility and since this is an ongoing investigation their agency cannot
. the reason police say they were forced to use pepper spray on one student. >> we are live in the san jose airport where we have learned a popular airline carrier that offers cheap lights is pulling out. the reason behind it. the morning news starts right now. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. we are taking you out to city college of san francisco where you can see this is a live picture. students are still camped out. this is outside the administrative building. moments ago we showed you video of the tense confrontation between students and police last night. that show down did result in two arrests of students. the whole situation centered around one person. who that is and why students want that person to be removed is coming up in two minutes. it is friday, march 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off this morning. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. steve, what is going on? >> welcome ken. we have a lot of low patterns. a low cloud deck over the bay already. sunny and breezy. it will be cooler across the board here. mostl
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